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Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

@kate_arms — I look forward to chatting further.

My wife and I attempted to start catching up on Doctor Who this week — we’re back a year’s Christmas special! Have similar fondness for various others in your list, including Neil and Joss’s work beyond what you mentioned.

I agree about the value of myth and story — as well as the folly of taking them too literally — while still living and working within a Christian worldview. With a physics and engineering background, I have big issue with people who don’t know better quoting quantum mechanics to explain macroscopic phenomena and for self-serving purposes. I’m sure we could have great chats about the strangenesses perpetuated by blind belief — in so many contexts!

When we have a chance, would also love to chat about IP and your experiences down the valley (we’re in Napa Valley, in case you missed that).
Glad you found a buddy, and happy to connect in whatever other contexts work out!