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Kate Arms

ETA: Since I posted this, I found a buddy. Still happy to connect in other arenas.

I am a coach and into personal development. Before I became a coach, I was a lawyer (licensing intellectual property rights associated with new technology development in Silicon Valley). In my free time, I act and direct with local community theatres and do my best to keep my kids laughing instead of crying.

I am an atheist who believes that so-called “spiritual” experiences are a product of human biology, that myths and images are useful tools for explaining the world to ourselves and each other, but that most religious/spiritual traditions get into trouble when they take a metaphor literally. Is that not woo-woo enough for you?

I was geeky before it was cool; I was my school’s IT wizard in the late 1970s. These days, I think of myself as more of a nerd (I read philosophy for fun) but my current fandom is Doctor Who. Previous fandoms were Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5, and Firefly. My iPad is inscribed “Hang on and pretend it’s a plan,” one of my favourite quotes from Neil Gaiman’s episode of Doctor Who, “The Doctor’s Wife.”

Happy to chat with you to see if we think we could be a good match for keeping each other’s toes to the fire, noses to the grindstone, and roses in bloom.