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Trish Hyatt

Hi @bradleytmorris

1) I guess I didn’t need to tag you in that one as it is my Progress log and I don’t have a question. Guess I just like to hear you cheering for me. 🙂
2) My intention for the people that register for the free first module is for them to see the quality of the offering and quickly notice a difference in their body. I only have to convince them to get to the pool once and they’ll notice a difference. They will have access to the Free module for 1 month so if they don’t get to the pool right away in the first week I still have three more weeks to send them emails and video testimonials.
3) I’ve had people say they can’t afford $100 straight up. I think it’s more a matter of they’re worried about whether they’ll follow through and people don’t believe in internet guarantees.  The $20 bi-weekly is an affordable $40/month. Yes some will drop out but they are the ones that were not going to give me $100 in the first place. I think more will sign up because it’s a smaller commitment. Bi-weekly will cost them $120 in the long-run instead of $100. Will see how it goes for the new years launch. It doesn’t have to stay that way.