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Ruth Bourke

I love your approach here Jessica and can totally relate to resistance.  We often use the term crafternation for crafters procrastination when you do anything to avoid working on that project, even housework!  For me it hits when I’m not really sure how to do what it is I have in mind or I don’t have a clear direction I want to take a project in.  I can get overwhelmed with decisions and uncertainty and then things stall for a bit.  Thankfully somehow, something pops and off I go again.  Getting started with a blank sheet in front of you is often the hardest thing and I’ve found playing with doodling exercises to be a great help in getting the hand moving across the page.  Artists tend to be messy and hoard lots of bits and bobs – sometimes a good tidy up and a blank working space helps me get started again too and once in the flow of things the messiness that starts to gather feels comforting and productive rather than overwhelming.  Funny how the mind works!