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Ruth Bourke

Hi Bradley &Lorraine, thanks for saying hello and the warm welcome.

I’m delighted to be the first quilter here!  Some quilty friends of mine were chatting over dinner and talking about how they keep their hobby on the down low as people think of quilting as an old persons hobby or don’t see why you would need more than one quilt!  It always seems to gather some strange and puzzled looks!  As a craft and art form it ticks all the boxes for me, problem solving, design, playing with colour and the enormous sense of satisfaction of making something unique, visually appealing and useful.  I really hope I can capture this feeling in my upcoming class and course!

Lorraine, a very good friend of mine works with feral cats too and I admire anyone who helps with animal rescue. It really is a passion and a calling. We have 2 rescue dogs but no cats!