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Trish Hyatt

@bradleytmorris this is what I’ve come up with so far.

Rework this Niche Statement:
FREE New Years Gift for your Horse to the first 100 Responders
Give Your horse The Gift of a more Balanced, Supple and Effective Rider.
(You don’t have to have a horse to benefit from this gift)

Free First Week of the Equestrian Aquatics program
No obligation.
No Credit Card Required to Sign up
Totally Free, Just share with your friends. FB, Twitter, Email

Auto-responders, 5 emails:

1. Thank you for signing up and sharing. Over the next X days you will receive X emails which contain your Free Gift in an easy to follow format.
***You will have access to your FREE gift for the month on January. Today’s part of the lesson is “Your Balance Evaluation and Tips”
(This is what they used to get free)

2. Balance Lesson 1 – Evaluations?, Warm ups and Stretches (The next 3 days are the three lessons I normally send in the first week)

3. Balance Lesson 2 – Exercises

4. Balance Lesson 3 – Evaluations? Take it to the pool and What you might notice

5. The offer – At the end of the first module you will have the opportunity to sign up to receive the other 6 modules.
Either one module every 2 weeks at $20 per week (billed automatically)
OR the complete package of 7 modules delivered weekly for $100 and a savings of $20

I am going to read through Jeff Walkers book again and see how to structure it.
I want to present it in the week before New Years so I’ve got passed everyone’s busy time and catch the resolution time.