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Trish Hyatt

Yes Anne it was exciting. I got to spend two weeks in Kentucky and attend level 1 and 2 Rider biomechanics training while I was there. Lots of interest in the program but no $, hmm

I knew a lot of the people that bought in the pre-launch so I had to get it done.  Bradley always says just get it done, get it launched, then make it better. If you try and make it perfect first, you’ll never launch.

I know lots of things I’ll improve and yet people are already loving it and making noticeable improvement. Two different chiropractors telling my clients, what ever you’re doing, it’s working.

Had a brilliant sales funnel epiphany on my drive home tonight from teaching a clinic up island. Have to run some logistical questions by my group that’s finishing up the first 7 weeks and get their input and then I’ll let you in on it.