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Trish Hyatt

I did it for awhile before and am going to start again…
It’s called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I don’t have his book, just pieced together the routine from his podcast or articles, I don’t remember.
Basically, it’s this:
Miracle Morning Format   S.A.V.E.R.S by Hal Elrod
I exercise after Meditation to get blood flowing for the following steps.

1.) Silence – Meditation, breathing. I do Brad’s Week 1 Meditation from the 21 Day course. Even doing part of it helps if time is limited.

2.)  Affirmations –
1. What do you want for your life (separate in to categories)?
2. why do I want this, what is the benefit.
3. What’s preventing me from getting it, obstacles.
4. What do I need to do every day to achieve this? ” I am committed to doing _____________ to achieve it.

3.)  Visualization – the goal and more importantly, the steps that get you there

4.)  Exercise – Breathe and get blood flowing

5.)  Reading – Personal development

6.)  Scribing – Journaling or goals or schedule or affirmations or… 5 minute journal

1. What am I grateful for – 3 things
2. What would make today great – 3 things
3. My daily affirmation
4. 3 amazing things that happened today
5. How could you have made today better