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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

Brother Nate, it’s so good to have you here diving into the lessons.

My advice for a busy farming father like yourself is to start the journey, do each step to the best of your ability and keep everything as simple as possible. Start filming little videos with your eye-phone of the things you’re doing…

“Here i am planning my garden. This is what I do. This is why I do it. Here is your exercise and things to consider.”

“Here i am planting my zucchini. This is when you want to do it. This is what you want to plant it with. Here are things to consider.”

So on and so forth.

Start filing all those videos in a location and just be consistent it. Work it into your work life. Make a new video everyday or a few per week. Don’t worry about the professionalism. iPhone is fine for now.

Be yourself. Use your personality to your advantage. Have fun!!!!

I’ll happily help you up the mountain. I wanna party at Launch Summit with you and all the other fine creators on this trail.