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Awi Heidelmann

Aloha Alexis,
I’d lovd to buddy up with you tho it seems you already mate-dancing with another. We’ll just as a backup buddy perhaps.
I am an intuitive and love that you are on the big EYEland. the place of my dream. also my business evolves around seeing … in different aspects.…so i am super spiritual,(how can we not!) i lived in a buddhist monastery with Thich Nhat Hanh for 2 years and studied with Barbara Brennan (hands of light) for 4 years. etc….
i do love technology! being a designer i taught myself alot about creating websites and other online marketing tools. so i could assist if you encounter challenges in this area.
I am getting more clearer on the ecourse i wanna create and it will also be a journey where i want to combine teaching intuitive and creative tools to clarify our heart calling ant turn it into a unique business. i believe the more we are aligned with our soulpurpose and connected with our essence we become magnets to all that aligns with our mission in ways we coul not imagine ourselves. so surrendering to the divine will be an important skill on the journey i like to facilitate.
I’m authentic, outside of the box thinker and good in keeping someone on track. let me know if you still want a buddy. if you prefer another – no big deal at all. i believe it all comes together in divine purpose.
sorry, i haven’t wrote a Hunting Add – many reasons… mainly i was too scared to put myself out there yet when I’m not sure if I am in (which i am sure now) …
Alohaluv, Awi