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Aloha, Stephanie! You are somene who sticks out to me as a person I would love to buddy with:) I love what you are doing, first of all, which will help me feel driven to motivate you ….and I also see us using a similar paradigm in order to create our e-course. You can look at my hunting page for more info (Hunting:Divine Guidance with a Kindred Spirit) but I am feeling drawn to work with someone who is on a similar path and I can’t say enough how much I love your e-course idea! I am a Yoga teacher, astrologer and more recently, I am coming into my own as a Priestess. I have a strong bent towards working with women in empowerment, especially as it pertains to their bodies, health and the innate wisdom our bodies hold. I consider myself spiritual with a very practical path, and many people come to me for counsel and always have since I was a young girl. I’m 36…I feel like I’m writing a personals ad, here! Lol. My course is a pilgrimage to India, that will offer women the opportunity to experience different states of awareness through various practices at different “stations” on the journey, designed to help them find their true purpose and path in this lifetime. I responded to your Intro also, so if you feel at all aligned, check out my hunting ad and intro page and let me know if you feel like we could be a good buddy match:) Blessings, Sistar!