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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

Hello Amy and welcome to the campfire! The smell of marshmallows is always in the air around the fire.  😉

Wow, another extremely multi-talented human on the trail with us. It’s so exciting to see all the skillsets you have and how you’re applying them. We can guarantee inspiration, clarity and fun will be a common theme in these parts as we trek to Launch Summit.

As for the design of everything you see and experience, we can thank our good eCourse Adventure Guide, Andy Freist for that magic. He is our Tech Genius here. You’ll learn all about the systems we use and simpler versions if technology isn’t your BFF once we get up to Technosis Lookout to help you create a beautiful, smooth-running eCourse experience for your tribe.

we’re so happy to have you here. Let either of us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Enjoy cruising the campfire and making new friends. There’s lots of cool peeps here.

See you in the next lesson.