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Jessica Antonelli

Well my eCourse fears seems pretty lame compared to cuddling with rattlesnakes necked…I’ve just got that insidious fear of my own success thing going on :/ I do feel confident that I have a good course idea and could make it work, otherwise.

Such a weird fear, perhaps it is that I worry I’ll lose my laid-back lifestyle. Then again, I get antsy when I’m not busy, so it’s not like I’m afraid of work. I think another fear is that I’m making the wrong decision, maybe missing out on another, better path that I could be taking?

I can see that it is valuable to be doing these fears because seeing them written down makes them less powerful. Now that they’re written down I can see the flaws in that thinking. If I am on the wrong path I can always just hop off, eh? Mistakes are there to learn from, and it is better to make a mistake than regret having not done anything. So ok, full steam ahead!