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Trish Hyatt

Love your Title on this post.

I have heard of some of the things you mentioned in your Dr. Wayne, I presume but don’t know about most of them. I have been in the program for a year and have Beta-launched my first program. but still have a ways to go with it in regards to marketing. My background is everything horses. I am a trainer and coach. By default that makes me a life coach for people. I posted in the introductions: I’ll be galloping to the summit, who’s with me?

If you’d like more info on me, my main website, which I need to redo in my spare time is

If you think we might be a fit I’d like to buddy with you but if you want to wait for more of a geek that’s fine too. I did however do every single step of my eCourse to date, from concept to launch. Well okay my son held the camera but I did everything else so I guess I’m a little geeky.