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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

Awesome Awi. So glad you loved the approach we’re taking with this. We definitley dive into the deep end with the lessons later down the trail and teach HOW to make the content unique and resonate with the audience we want to be reaching.

This has been one of our big learnings with creating this (and by age-old, I mean since eCourses were invented). Answering the age old question of, How do we communicate our true authentic voice, passion and personality while still delivering high value content and processes.

Really happy you resonate with our style. We’d love to see a picture of your map when you get it drafted up (if you’re doing the print-out version).

I’m excited to see the processes you invent as you go through this journey that help creators access what you’re talking about. Gonna be a whole lot of fun!

Thanks so  much for sharing your enthusiasm with us.