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Awi Heidelmann

ho… all my training years I rarely made notes but a ton of scribbles and doodles 😉 See what happens in this class! What I do? Oh check out my intro here… I am doing many things creative! So far I’ve been guiding people on intuitive art journeys – which is fun and easy!

And as I have a business helping people to become more visible online with their heart business/project… creating visual brands basically incl. photoshoots, brand images etc. Feel free to hop over to my website

I love to create a eCourse as a Journey to get more clarity on what your heart calling is and how to embody it in your own business to find that sweet spot in the marketplace/community that makes you magnetic. Or maybe I focus on how to create a coherent visual brand… or that be another eCourse!! Many possibilites!


Where do you live, Sherry?

Sparkles from Germany, Awi