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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

Hi Sarah, so stoked you’re feeling the inspiration and creativity from the process. Our evil plan is working!

YES, so answering that question is challenging because it ultimately depends on what ‘industry’ or line of work you’re in, what form of transformation you’re offering, what type of services you’re most inspired to offer, etc…

An example of my funnel is:

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$21-97 (sliding scale) 21 Day Meditation eCourse
$40-291 (sliding scale) 40 Day Vision Quest eCourse
$147-499 (2 options) Life Alignment Process
$299 usd The Great eCourse Adventure (which will eventually go up to the $797-1,000 range)
$1000-5000 Private Coaching Retreats (daylong to week-long)
12-Month Coaching Packages $10,000 (usually for full lifestyle or business transformation.

It’s taken me years of working at it to have my “Mountain” be like this.

There are so many wonderful ways you can amp up the value and increase the price. Given that you’re in Hawaii (right?), offering baby-Mama retreats could be a higher price point offering. Or perhaps a 12-month Mama Mastermind Circle. Things like that.

I guess my questions are:

1) What other services are you presently or soon-to-be offering mamas?
2) Where on your “Mountain” will your eCourse go?
3) What are some other offerings that you’d be stoked to dream up that you could offer over the next 6 months to 2 years that would build upon your eCourses?

Don’t worry about the passive income element yet. What we’ve created here with the Great eCourse Adventure is far from passive income at this stage of the game. However, it’s more fun and fulfilling than any of the other eCourses or services we’ve ever offered. So build things you’re passionate about and love and as you build them, you’ll create the systems as you go to make them more hands off over time 🙂

Does that help?