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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

YES! Great clarity so far @blissmother!! It’s exciting to see it coming together for you. I was getting a lot of visual cues while reading your ideas.

Some ideas that popped up… take them and use them or don’t 🙂

1) For the visioning piece. Offering some guided visioning processes (audio).

2) The Ho’oponopono piece, I love. I made a video years ago (see below). If you intend on making a guided process, I could see about introducing you to the musician if you wanted it as a background track.

3) I could see a really beautiful Self Care series for the cleansing week. With fun, inspiring videos that are enjoyable to watch and supportive handouts. I imagine your handouts being colourful and fun, with big typing. Like a big smiling love note.

4) I imagined something along the lines for the Community piece, taking an inventory of how important their role as a mama is to the whole of the community. Perhaps an exercise in writing a letter that is from the community, to the mama praising her for the job she did with her children. Cuz what mama doesn’t wanna be praised?

All your other descriptions are spot on Sarah. Awesome awesome job. I’m sure the friendly Wizard would be proud of you for all the flushing out you’ve done.