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Luma Malone

Sounds like listening to and following intuitive guidance comes naturally to you Peggy and you have really mastered these skills. Lots of people are ready to make the paradigm shift into the Intuition Age and need support to trust these navigating skills that you already know so well. YOu are ready to lead in your own unique way.

David, you have offered up a good inquiry here about what people struggle with.
Most people face self doubt, and have internalized programming to give more power to external authorities, rather than their own inner knowingness. We are all oppressively trained to seek answers externally in this world! When we go against our internal guidance, we experience depression, apathy, anxiety, disappointment in relationships, feel misunderstood and unworthy.

What are some playful, interactive ways you can support and encourage people to trust that they know what they know? Who are the people that are waiting for you right now to show the way?

I am curious to hear your response Peggy. I work in a similar field and I would be happy to bounce ideas around with you until you find one that hits the ground and gets your course rolling.