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Deb Robson

JoAnn, we have a lot in common–far more than I initially thought.

I love *all* your ideas–and I do think the “faces” one is a fantastic place to start. It is emblematic of all the other things. It’s the trailhead, so to speak, for others to climb *your* mountain of offerings.

Drawing or painting faces involves looking closely at the other, and closely at oneself–in two ways, first in the psychological/emotional/spiritual feat of getting over the “I can’t do this, it’s too complicated” and second in the possibility of self-portrait, which is a challenging but fascinating pursuit. In fact, there might be either two aspects to this course–draw others, draw self–or it could be two separate courses, separate steps on the trail up your mountains.

I’m an avid historical researcher as well.

Here are things that popped out at me in your description above:

“If you CAN do that, little else matters, or you can fake it.” important

“I think the e-course format is much more suitable for teaching people to draw or paint than books or instructions on paper.” As someone who has done a lot of life and portrait drawing and painting, I have an initial positive reaction to this statement, and I think that explaining why you say this becomes part of what invites people to your course.

” . . . something as basic but critical as drawing or painting faces. I can envision several levels of ability, or more detailed versions, like how to do faces in a Manga style or fashion drawing, which use different techniques and proportions.” SUPERcool.

“how to fire a kiln without blowing yourself up” {GRIN}

“(I’m thinking this might make a good “lead magnet” to get people to sign up for my email list. “Click here to get our free 20 page pdf intro to research and we’ll keep you up to date on our latest classes and offerings!”)” –YES, regardless of the specific offerings available, in my opinion (note my bias toward research, though)

“And how much fun am I going to have putting together a class on something very basic? Versus something that’s more interesting and esoteric, but has a very limited appeal?” — a question I’m asking myself, and when I do that I think: yes, and I need to get into the *basic* in a way that is as exciting as the more esoteric, and that will lead people into wanting the more esoteric stuff later

“There also is not as much scope for transformation in many of these hands-on skills.” — I think it’s there (this is what I do), but not as obvious initially. I’ve had people quit jobs and start independent businesses after taking my spinning workshops. EEK. But . . . they’re succeeding.

““here are these tools, do these exercises, now take that and build on it, let’s make some cool stuff, let’s put on our face paint and make some costumes and act out our dreams, sing songs, dance around the fire, let’s paint the side of the house, let’s really embrace this unexpected crazy side of who we can be when nobody’s looking. And now, let’s take that home and turn it into something we can really work with.”” –fantastic, and this is the top level of your mountain, with people who have been journeying with you as a guide for a while–you need to have them trust you before they’ll do this, which means starting smaller