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Deb Robson

Loved the initial mapping exercise. Would also love the inventory, but current carpal tunnel issues and the massive quantities of material I’ve already generated have collided to produce a logjam I’m going to move past by leaving the inventory in draft form in two places–the journal and an Illustrator file based on the mindmapping blank.

Where I’m at is wanting to move forward, wanting also to complete to a polished state, and recognising that physical limitations right now are going to be a barrier–but not mentally.

What I need is some pain relief, and I’ve got a call in to the doctor.
What I’m delighted about is that due to this problem I will get to be on the webinar today! (because I can’t take the dog to our weekly obedience drop-in session).

What I’m going to do is call the incomplete complete, and keep my energy going by checking into the webinar *after* watching the video for the next step.