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Yes Deb it will be fascinating to see how we all do this through various media.
For myself I want to set up a couple of music courses and a sexuality course. I think i am leaning towards the music first.

I want to help people connect to the measure and time of natural cyclical laws through training their heart and brain to pitch, tune and tone. I want to help people understand that music and sound and the laws of harmonics are fundamental tools for self understanding and growth, that to resonate with unspoken beauty through active discipline of music making can have a massive impact on evolution. I also want to link music to higher learning/spiritual growth. that learning/playing music helps the brain and soul develop, to evolve and to help us have harmony in our lives. Demythifying theoretical western harmony to make it easy and accessible will be one way to do this. Simple fun playing through pitching toning tuning and helping people establish vocal practice akin to a regular meditation will be another.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas I have and the three different projects are still jostling a bit with each other for primacy but the more I write the clearer it becomes. I am both terrified and excited.
Thankyou all for sharing