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Catherine Fox

This “terminal uniqueness” is something I had troubles with too. This is what I traced it down to, for me…will share incase it is helpful as I suspect others may relate. I had up to recently only been able define myself AND make progress n life through reaction against. As in – I’m not like those people, I don’t fit into this job, I can’t manage the office work, I don’t fit with the ‘muggles’, I don’t belong in catholic church…etc… this actually helped me push against things and carve my own path…. Until I didn’t have anything left to react against! And found myself kind of lost, in my own ‘uniqueness’. More recently I have started looking for allies with shared values, and thinking about what I wanted to move towards, and what I share with others, and as a result have started find real community and support. Giving up on defining ourselves somehow as an outcast/better than/specially unique etc can feel weirdly like a loss initially, but there is so much more to gain. Awesome to hear your declaration!!