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Catherine Fox

Hello @bee ! I want in!

I’d love to be a buddy with a Mirth coach, there is something I really enjoy with your writing so far. I am also creating a sort of character..or a few in fact…. as a teenager I created a whole set of characters that I did writing and comics with, that actually were all aspects of myself and it was a great form of humor therapy.. this is going to be a key part of whatever I’m going to do and I’d love to connect with you and your visions.

Really nodding a lot to this “Candor. Honesty. Brazen encouragement juxtaposed with engaged, friendly accountability. Ability to share small wins, celebrate details & new information. Regular writing volley. Sense of humor. Appreciation of improv and the absurd but also respect for research, information, intelligence and knowledge. Very smart but ability to be silly. Agree to make time for Skype sessions.”

especially the honesty, humor, respect for research, sill and smart. yes please!

Definitely looking to bring Joy to people who are used to trying to fix their pain. Also up for monthly check-in. Up for being your buddy or part of a small group. Please get in touch!