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Sharyn Warren

My “Who” has been clear for a while now. But things get really, really smoking and difficult around the WHAT. So I had to back into this Forest a little bit, but doing so has cleared my vision to some extent. I also realized in trying to come up with several options, that my “What” was not clearly connected to my who. Also, there is the issue of my resistance (cleverly disguised as confusion and lack of clarity). Part of the problem has been that I don’t have a concrete “thing” that I am offering. So I thought about how it would feel to offer something specific and low risk (for me) like a course on tarot + kabbala. That would be easy. And I wouldn’t have to deal with my issues around expecting I can give someone a transformational experience. This issue of over-thinking and especially OVER-RESPONSIBILITY is an icky little stain from my psychotherapy days. So teaching a course specific topic with an already established market held great appeal. Trouble is: 1. it’s would really solve a problem for my (tiny, tiny) tribe 2. it doesn’t really challenge me to grow 3. ultimately I am still faced with the issue of attracting interest and doing things that I have been deeply uncomfortable–and resistive–to doing. Like webinars. Like Blab or Periscope or Meerkat. Like FB ads. More videos. More engagement.
I have a minuscule little list of about 50–that just isn’t going to cut it.
However, today—-PROGRESS!!!!!!!
I decided that I CAN AND I WILL do those things. They are a necessary lead-up to launching my course. And the more clear I am becoming, the more brave and determined I feel.
So I will finish up the remaining 2 1/2 checkpoints in the Architect Forest, which will take some time. They are REALLY BIG assignments. And be ready for the next step on Monday.

Onward and Upward. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…….
my working e-Course creation board

P.S. I tried to add picture of my working e-course creation board, but as you can see, couldn’t get it to load. 😉