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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

The outline looks good @rodolfomenjivar. I’m wondering if your participants will need more than just ten days to have the breakthrough you’re intending for them.

My question is:

Could Day 1 & 2 be week one? where you get them to take a look at their life, where they want to change and where they want to go. Basically, a taking inventory and practice in self awareness.


Day 3,4 – Physical solutions – could be week 2, with daily exercises and challenges to get them into their physical body.


Day 5,6 – Mental solutions – – could be week 3…


Day 7,8, 9 – Spiritual solutions – could be week 4…


Day 10 being a week of integration tools, helping to ground the full process in.

This honestly wouldn’t be a ton more work. You would just space it out more so they could integrate fully the tools you’re giving them for each pilar you’re listing here.

What are your thoughts on this approach?

This would be more a month long course.