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Rodolfo Menjivar

Yes I have – I already make Youtube videos and would like to incorporate this style into my Ecourse. I want it to be a 10 day course run over 2 weeks, having the weekends off. My idea is to set it up in the Problem.Reaction.Solution method.
Day 1 – what is the problem, why do I need to change
Day 2 – What are our options – what happens if we change or do not change
Day 3,4 – Physical solutions – show them ways they can become healthier by being active and being aware of what we put into our bodies ex food, water
Day 5,6 – Mental solutions – focus on changing the mindset – self talk, meditation, affirmations, less t.v, what you surround yourself with etc.
Day 7,8 – Spiritual solutions – Not quite sure on what kind of content I want here yet..
Day 9 – I want to show something that incorporates all 3 aspects. Ex. Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual.
Day 10 – Moving forward,tips to continue on the path and what happens next.

This is just the first draft I have made so far @bradleytmorris Let me know what you think. Thanks!!