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This is such an insightful beginning for me…just reading about your journey, and translating your message onto mine…

You speak of the ‘paranoia’ you’ve begun to experience where all of the eCourses are flooding the marketplace…I’ll call mine cynicism…because of the cheapening of the message that’s often attached to wellness courses the ‘gurus’ promoting them. So much hyperbole, so many BIG EMPTY promises that I think everyone KNOWS can’t be true. If it were that easy, we’d ALL be younger/thinner/beefier/healthier/prettier/handsomer/happier/fill-in-the-deficiency…

Instead, these one-stop-shop health ‘fixes’ just make it more difficult for those of us with a message that involves a deeper process, which will unfold over time, harder to hear.

But I’ve also experienced really delightful, heart-centered, caring healers who want so badly to help…and yet, like me, they’re often afraid of trying to get out into the marketplace; afraid that we, too, will be perceived as yet another noisy charlatan with a new, shiny batch of snake oil to sell.

So your coaching here is inspiring. Time to take my focus OFF of the ‘problem’ in the online health and wellness industry, and just work from my WHY…and my WHY is big. I so believe that we’re at a crossroads in the evolution of humanity. I believe that our planet is at risk. And I think it’s going to take as many big-thinking, heartful, transformation-centered souls working at their highest, purest capabilities to turn this ship around! And I want to support that journey…to help the visionaries function at maximum capacity, but in light, in wellness.

Thanks for opening this conversation. I have lots of work to do, but I like what I’m seeing on this journey so far!