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Kate Arms

Finished Up Architekt Forest with a real sense that I know where this course is going and starting to have some ideas about look and feel.

The big challenge with this material for me is creating the activities that will bring students the experiential learning that I gave my 1-1 clients through exercises I lead them through and witnessed them doing. Trying to decide how much I want the course to rely on people buddying up in pairs (like we did here) and how much I want to structure group interaction opportunities that cover the same material.

I am definitely contemplating the ways this might be part of a package that I can offer at several levels, a basic course with group interaction and buddies they find within the group; the course with a live group learning component; and the course with a personal coaching component. Or maybe the course is the foundation and then I offer group follow-up opportunities. Lots to ponder, but none of this is front and centre at the moment.