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Kate Arms

Interesting comments, @bradleytmorris. You are reminding me of some of the misconceptions people have about what improvisation is and that I will need to address them in the course and related marketing materials.

Being silly is not required. It may occur, but people fear that it is required.

The work I do is about connecting people to their own awareness of their own impulses and trusting spontaneity within some specific forms that give networking a frame and make it safe and easy. People will need to drop fear-driven self-sabotage, but the heart of the transformation is about getting them deeper in contact with their natural character.

For many people, the idea that improvisation needs to be silly or wacky is part of what stops people from embracing it.

The fun is important because it is part of what motivates people to try, but part of the technique itself is about finding joy in the ease of connecting with people from deep integrity, and silly is not part of that for everybody, especially in a business context, and is not necessary.

Challenges that they do and report back on in community are a very good idea.