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Eunita L

One way I know of is via the Rt Hand Bottom Corner Chatbox. When opened/expanded, under the blue header Who’s online there is a Comic Dialogue bubble icon. Click on it for Chatrooms.

I also remember running into a Place called The Lodge when I was first exploring the site. No idea how to get back there.
>>Okay when all else fails, go to search bar.
Yaay – I found it. The Lodge (aka group chatting) has its own landing page. Its not just via the chatbox.

The Lodge

I wonder if there is a Video Chatting option?
Last year I was part of a Google+ video hang-out mastermind group. That was great to see everyone and chat in real time with a facilitator leading the discussion. I wonder if video chatting is part of the ECourse Platform somehow. Maybe!?!

I’m sure Bradley or Andy will chime in and give you more concrete answers! (I know they take Sundays off, they’ve earned it!)

Small groups are a great idea! Great question Akasha!