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Hi Akasha

I am interested in being your buddy.
I have studied energy techniques for the last 24 years and am a very sensitive being who is a parent and values the content that you are teaching.
I used to teach inner transformation with sound for many years in San francisco.
I currently live in Byron Bay Australia so I could mostly connect your afternoon or evenings?
I have sold a product called the Amethyst Biomat for 12 years and mentor a global sales team via Skype while living internationally.
I have a membership website that helps people transform their fear of being a sales person into being of service and living their life by Design. I simultaneously teach how to build and strategize to build a passive income.

I am looking to enliven and update my Biomat distributor website to be more fun with videos(Which I have been resisting.)

I miss the Californian mindset~ Let me know if your interested.