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Akasha Madron

Hi Katie,
If you are still looking, I would be interested in being your buddy. I like your commitment and drive. I take being a buddy very seriously (but not solemnly) and would be enthusiastic to make it work.

I want to create eCourses on boundaries and protection. These would be aimed toward people or healers who are sensitive to energy, or those who tend to channel or absorb energy indiscriminately into their body, or those who give their energy away. There will be a lot of exploration to strengthen one’s inner self and intuition. There would also be adventures in perceiving and shaping energy, grounding and protecting physical spaces and gathering together a team of guardians and allies for daily navigation, among other things. I also want to create one for parents to help them teach their children or teens.

I do a lot of body/mind/spirit/emotion integration and acceptance type healing with people and everything I do comes from the place of going deeper into body and staying there. I have learned that the more grounded you are the further and safer you can fly.

I am normally in Berkeley, CA so we would be in the same time zone. Right now I am in Maryland until the end of this month and then I go home.

I hope you have lots of fun on your journey here,