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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

This is an awesome start @karryn! Lots of clarity and clearly you’re already doing a lot in the realm of content creation and unraveling your full business flow.

How much and which content to give away? My suggestion is to find the ways you MOST enjoy giving value. If it’s writing, then get masterful with your writing and commit to a number of articles/entries per week that feels doable. If it’s videos, then again, figure out a commitment to continually provide value.

Can you give too much away? Maybe. It depends on what the upsell from the freebies are. If you don’t have an ask that makes all your free-content making worth-while then you’ve answered your question.

As for your pricing: The question we asked ourselves was, “Would we have bought our program four years ago if we found it.” The answer was no (that was with our eCourse Creation Blueprint). This is what inspired to create this course.

The question to ask yourself is: What would you honestly be willing to pay for the services or eCourses your selling? That should probably be your number.

I think your idea of offering a series of eCourses that deliver a really SPECIFIC outcome at a lower price is a way to go.

Example: Narrowing your Niche Now eCourse
The Marketing Maven eCourse
Launching like a Leprechaun with a Rocket Pack eCourse

Rather than putting all those into one eCourse, you make them into mini eCourses.

I know those are horrible names and examples, but you get the point.

Another reason I think it’s a good idea is that it’ll be less work for you to develop your first one, which means you’ll learn how to do this so your next ones are easier and quicker!

Did I miss any questions?