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Andy Freist
Mountain Guide

Ah, actually, that was a mistake on my end for not clarifying.. The reason there are different numbers on the sheet is because some criteria has more “weight” than others.. This is called a “weighted decision matrix”.. Also, the sheet was updated after the videos were filmed, hence the mention of 1-10 😉

For instance, how much you love a topic is important, but not as important as how much business viability it has (if you are trying to build a profitable business). Hence why “how much you love it” is 1-20 — and profitability potential is 1-50.. Of course we are all in the business of doing what we love, but profitability needs to be a priority to ensure sustainability.

As for the expertise critera – you dont need to be an expert in a subject to create a transformative course. You can leverage other experts, or learn enough to teach it.. Hence why its also not quite as important.