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Akasha Madron

HI Niki,
I so can appreciate caregiver burnout. I spent a solid three months helping my father recuperate from open heart surgery. six weeks of that was in the hospital. I had a month back at home and am back for another 5 weeks to set him up for and figure out his future. He is now healed from the surgery but one of those mini strokes affected his memory.

After the 3 months of focused care for him and helping my sister, I went home and discovered that I no longer cared for or had energy for my own business. I felt like every creative idea I had for it had disappeared and everything that was me had been erased.

Then I was sent two clients that sparked something I had thought to do 2 decades ago and then this course showed up in my box and here I am.

I look forward to seeing what you end up doing. Have a great journey!