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Aloha, Awi! I love your clarity here and like Andy said, your awareness that you can weave your art journeys into your business course….working on our levels/steps in the Meadows helped me clarify this issue you raise of how to handle such a large amount of content and whether to just do a bunch of smaller classes or to tackle the big dream ecourse….I have come to a solution that some of the video classes that will eventually end up in my larger ecourse will be available as separate classes early on in my journey. I have a succession of the order that I will release them and the first one will be free as my launch of having online classes available. This will help me promote my larger ecourse, get my email list up, and create some cash to flow into the bigger transformational journey. These classes will of course have much more competition in the marketplace, but will require less information on why the people need them b/c they are more in demand already. Hope that offers something for you to munch on…
Blessings, Sistar!