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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

I concur with @andyfreist. Great question you’ve asked here @karryn… and a challenging one with no real answer, other than the one you will come to as you choose your course and climb this mountain.

The one thing I also want to add from what Andy said is that in choosing a price you must KNOW your target audience. For us, we wanted to target the more conscious, holistic, transformational, personal-growth minded people. Like you, we also know that a lot of these people don’t have massive bank accounts, so we are committed to offering our course at a price that they can afford.

We will offer high level packages for people that want to hire us for consulting or private eCourse Creation support. But the bulk of our sales will be through the Great eCourse Adventure.

Another thing to think about is WHERE on your journey up the mountain is your eCourse? Is it more valuable than coaching, or workshops? Is it an introductory course or is it an advanced course?

These are all things to consider.

Please ask more questions if you have any. Happy to dive deeper and flush out more clarity 🙂