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Andy Freist
Mountain Guide

Hi Karryn,

This is such a loaded question. And an important one at that..

Pricing depends on so many factors..

The more of a pain you are solving, and the more people are willing to pay to fix that pain, the more you can charge for a course.

Most business courses are $500 on the low end, and go all the way up to $5,000+

It all comes down to how well you are able to articulate the transformation they will be receiving/experiencing – and that change must far outweigh whatever the price tag is – and, very importantly, the price tag must reflect the value.

No one would buy a $50 course on how to create a six figure coaching business in one year. That just doesn’t add up. A course like that would expected to be expensive. I would think “wow, this must be a really basic and not very valuable course if its that inexpensive”

And no one would buy a $1000 course on how to organize their time more effectively. BUT someone would definetly buy a course for $1000 that teaches how to save $10,000+/yr through a complete workflow organization system.

The ROI must be clear, and it must be a no-brainer – but it also must reflect the value, and reflect the belief that you KNOW the value you are offering..

I know I am not giving you a clear answer – because there is no clear answer.

Step one is knowing and embodying the true worth of your work.

Once you know it and believe it 100%, then picking a price is easy.. If you dont believe its worth it, no one else will. And if you believe that you selling yourself short, no one else will believe your cheap course could possibly solve their problem, so theyll look for another more expensive one that will 😉