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Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

Hi Rodolfo,
I totally resonate with your top 2 offerings.
I’d like to echo what Bradley said, and here’s a thought I’d like to share.
When figuring out if clients will pay for our courses, I like to ask myself–“does this problem keep them up at night?”

I doubt folks wake up in the middle of the night and think about “how media, government and others have pulled a veil over our eyes to trick us into living in the current status quo.” AND they might not even want to think about that!
But they might wake up and think “OMG what are we doing to our planet? OMG how can I be a solution?”

If you speak directly to those pains, then both aspects of your content add value for them.

Having worked in sustainability for a long time, I’d suggest focusing on the solutions–and using the problems just to underscore the need for solutions. Data shows that the negative stuff not only turns people off but sometimes makes them less likely to act. Just my humble opinions.

I’ll be interested to see who you are serving.