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Akasha Madron

HI Bradley,

Yes, I was on the webinar, so I will wait for your video. And I heard how you go to member directory and go to the right side and access where it says private message. I saw how to do that, thank you!

I do have a specific question though. I had a message in “Messages”. I went there and clicked on everything I could see and it just kept coming back to the inbox showing I had a message. It never actually opened the message so I could read it. I did end up leaving and going to my mail program to access it.

But I am curious. How does one actually open a message in “Messages” so it can be read? Again, I clicked on everything imaginable and it just kept refreshing the inbox page.


And great inspiring webinar, I am excited to have more fun exploring and focusing on learning the process rather than racing to the finish line.