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By far the best online community and program I have been a part of; and I have joined 5 different online business programs. The support is genuine, and grounded in the reality of the challenges of the online industry. I feel honestly supported, not just lip service, but a real investment in my success.”

- Jennifer / GEA Member

Take a Tour Up The Mountain With Us

The e-learning industry has a 70-97% student dropout rate. That is ridiculous and unworthy of bragging rights, no matter how many courses you've sold.

Watch how we will guide you to build effective, engaging and ridiculously awesome eCourses.


"The Great eCourse Adventure has been a phenomenal experience for me. After I joined, my course objectives and outline became clear, the tech hurdles cleared and writing the actual course came easily. I had a step by step plan to launch my eCourse and I got further in 4 weeks with GEA than I had in the year before."

- Deanna

Everything You Need To Reach The Peak

Here's what you get when you let us guide you up the mountain.


The Course

Our step-by-step path will help you turn your idea into an incredibly engaging transformational online course.


The Coaching

Join us every Monday for live group coaching sessions. Get help, ask questions, brainstorm and break through.


The Community

The Community Campfire is where most of the magic happens. Get help from your community of like-minded creators.


The Technology

There isn't one tech solution for all. We help you find the best tech for you based on your course needs, budget and skills.


The Truth

We'll show you what it really takes to succeed, and we'll provide honest, constructive feedback along the way.


The Motivation

Creating a course is hard. We'll keep you motivated with fun challenges, big rewards and accountability. 


"I am blown away by the rich & detailed content that is offered so passionately & creatively. 

I feel supported every step of the way, allowing me to do my very best work."

- Christy


"I have gained so much knowledge, clarity and insight about creating online courses. Bradley and Andy are two great guides who have helped me refine my ideas and helped me feel like my course is possible. The community is full of amazing entrepreneurs who all bring a different skill set and give amazing feedback."

- Rodolfo

Explore your Trusty Adventure Map

Click the images below to zoom in on the eCourse Adventure map.

  • basecamp-thumb


    is where you will gather your tools, meet your fellow adventurers and prepare mentally and emotionally for the exciting journey ahead.

  • reflection-thumb

    Reflection Pond

    is where you'll slow down for a few minutes and set clear intentions for the big journey ahead.

  • mapora

    Mapora Meadows

    is where you'll take personal inventory of what you bring and which route you'll take to the top of Launch Summit.

  • Architekt-Forest-Thumb

    Architekt Forest

    is where the fog will lift and you'll get clear on what you're creating and exactly who you're creating it for.

  • Creatora-Heights-Thumbnail

    Creatora Heights

    is where you'll take that idea and turn it into a theme'ified eCourse that you're so excited to create.

  • validation-swamp

    Validation Swamp

    is where you'll head out into the real world and validate your idea by making your first pre-sale.

  • Camp-Medias-Thumbnail

    Camp Medias

    is where you'll learn to make media magic with all the video lessons you create for your students.

  • technosis-temple

    Temple of Technosis

    is where you will breathe a deep sigh of relief as you find the perfect tech solution for your budget, needs and tech savviness.

  • automatora

    Automatora River

    is where you learn the art of crafting automations and autoresponders that your students look forward to.

  • SalessCanyonThumb

    Saless Canyon

    is where you make the connection to your ultimate student and write a powerful and authentic sales letter to them.

  • Funnelle-2

    Funnelle Caves

    is where you design your sales funnel. Except it's not a sales funnel. It's a lot more awesome and exciting than that.

  • marketa-thumb

    Marketa Ridge

    is where you lay out your marketing strategy and launch plan before arriving at the peaks of Launch Summit.

  • Launch-Summit-Thumb

    Launch Summit

    is that glorious moment when you finally launch your course and start accepting students.

  • 14---Freedom-Thumb

    Freedom Gardens

    is where you reflect and learn from the incredible journey you've been on and prepare for your next big adventure.


"I've never been more excited about creating an online course. It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Everything about the Great eCourse Adventure is fun and engaging. From going through the creative lessons to connecting with the supportive community to putting your new knowledge into action and creating your own e-course. Bradley and Andy are with you every step of the way and if you ever get stuck or need help, they appear like magic, ready to guide you back on the path. Their coaching is invaluable."

- Tree

Who This Journey Is For

You have a cutting edge approach to your field of expertise, passion or point of view and you want to share it in a cutting edge way.

You are a media maker who would love to understand how you can monetize the media you're currently creating by building courses or membership sites.

You are an entrepreneurial educator of sorts, who is excited to get your message and processes out to many more people around the world

You want to build an online course, but you don't want to build something that sucks, is boring or that your students won't love.

You recognize that great things take time, and so you're not interested in slapping together a half-assed eCourse and putting a premium price tag on it.

You want to make something remarkable. Something you're proud of. Something that blows your student's minds and helps them transform. 

You want to put your very best work out into the world and you look forward to the creative transformation you will go through in order to do that.

We are here to help you design online learning experiences that are innovative, engaging and out of this world!

Will you join our mission and create the greatest eCourse you can imagine?

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We want you to know for certain that The Great eCourse Adventure, community campfire and coaching program is right for you. 

So before you invest a dime, we invite you to try the first 14-days for free. If you want to stick around, it's just $35/mo. (That's less than your daily latte)


"I have tried to create an online course of study a number of times, but I kept getting frustrated with the way I was taught to do it. Now, I am so full of happiness to be hiking up the mountain while creating an eCourse I can be proud of and excited to promote."

- Akasha

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"The GEA has been a game changer for my dream of being an independent entrepreneur. I came in with a million ideas but unsure what to do with them. Now I have successfully launched my first course (with a profit) and am working on number two, Sante Wildcrafted Cocktails. The community feedback process, coaching calls, and checkpoint lessons have been SO valuable in focusing the bigger vision into actionable steps. Thanks Brad & Andy!"

- Chris

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"I've always had a feeling that the success of my e-courses would come down to how fun and engaging they are. The Great eCourse adventure is a perfect example of a learning experience so engaging that even my 10 year old son asks to watch the videos... over and over again! Now I know I’m on my way to creating a successful e-course I will be proud to sell. After signing up I recommend you share your vision with the community for feedback. And let your ideas evolve. Don’t worry about how big your vision is, or how hard it may be to create. With the step by step guidance and the community support you'll be well on your way to creating the greatest e-course you can possibly imagine."

- Paulo

Not Ready For The Full Adventure?

Here's some free resources to help you build highly engaging and transformational e-learning experiences.

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The Art of Experience Design

Learn to masterfully engage your audience by applying the power of themes, gamification and community in your online course.

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Courses Worth Sharing

Experience our philosophies on how to build an online course your students love so much, they can't help but share it with the world.


eCourse Adventures

Our blog is where we share our latest & greatest insights, creative processes, resources and campfire stories.